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Economy and Housing

Greenville has become more affluent thanks to tech, finance, and medicine companies. Individuals working in upper levels of these industries are earning high salaries, which allows city and county owned property to be sold to high-end developers – leaving elderly and the working class displaced.


Low-income families are being forced out, oftentimes with no place to go. City and county governments are raising property taxes and leaving the elderly to choose between paying a high tax bill or getting essentials like groceries and medication.


Traditional households are spending more than 30% of their income on housing, which is a clear indication that those families may struggle to pay their other bills. Derrick understands what it’s like to spend more than 30% of his income on housing because he’s had to do it.


In the South Carolina House of Representatives, Derrick will:


  • Meet with developers, and city and county officials to secure housing dedicated to low-income families.

  • Work to create programs that provide resources to families who need assistance paying their property tax and making repairs to their homes.  

  • Advocate for pay equity for all South Carolinians.

  • Fight to provide support and capital to small businesses, with an intentional focus on minority-owned businesses. 

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