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Since 1980, the number of people in jail and prison has grown from roughly 500,000 to 2.3 million. In South Carolina, we currently have more than 29,000 individuals in jails or prisons, many of whom will return home with little to no meaningful rehabilitative services. It is no wonder that recent research shows that imprisoning people does not have a substantive influence on our likelihood to experience violence in our communities.


Incarceration is largely a waste of taxpayer dollars. The vast majority of those in jail and prison rejoin our society and should be rehabilitated. This is how America will achieve the highest level of public safety and this is how we ensure that taxpayers’ hard-earned money is well-spent.



In the South Carolina House of Representatives, Derrick will: 

  • Introduce and support legislation that will scale back lengthy sentencing practices.

  • Following data and research, introduce more opportunities for parole/probation with a larger and better-trained body of probation officers, an often-overlooked and vital part of law enforcement. This approach contributes to a criminal justice system that promotes more racial equity while being smart with taxpayers’ money. Probation officers are on the frontlines preventing recidivism, and keeping our community members safe and free. 

  • Enhance the Second Chance Act and support a criminal justice model that prioritizes personal safety and human dignity.

  • Provide support to nonprofits that are devoted to violence prevention and community development.

  • Work to create a safer community for all South Carolinians, less likely to experience violence while being smart with our taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

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