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Derrick believes that everyone should have access to quality health care. He often shares the story of a lady who went to the emergency room one evening because she was having terrible headaches for days. The pain had become so excruciating that her son called 911 and had her rushed to the hospital. She did not have health insurance and was subsequently given a Tylenol and sent home. A few hours later, she suffered an aneurysm and did not survive.


Sadly, her story is not unique. There are close to 515,000 individuals without health care coverage in South Carolina. If S.C. expanded Medicaid, 312,000 additional South Carolinians would be covered. S.C. is leaving $14.2 billion on the table by not expanding Medicaid. 


In addition, COVID-19 has unveiled a lot of hard truths about the infrastructure of our healthcare system.​​

Domestic Violence 

For nearly two decades, South Carolina has ranked one of the worst states for domestic violence in the United States. Derrick will introduce legislation that will provide counseling and shelters for survivors of violence and provide innovative preventive mechanisms for abusers.  

Gun Violence 

South Carolina has the 5th highest firearm homicide rate in the nation. Derrick is committed to working with organizations like Everytown for Gun Safety to increase funding and resources to address this public health crisis. 

In the South Carolina House of Representatives, Derrick will: 

  • Vote to expand access to Medicaid.

  • Introduce legislation that will provide comprehensive access to mental health and reproductive services. 

  • Work with Congress to increase access to COVID vaccines and push for free masks.

  • Work relentlessly to provide funding to expand, build, and sustain health clinics in underserved and rural communities. 

  • Advocate for quality and affordable reproductive health care.


  • Advocate for awareness-raising and counseling for men and fathers. Following the Man 2 Man program example, children with engaged fathers are more likely to graduate high school, not go to jail, and be good parents themselves.

  • Work with other legislators to identify and root out the biases within our healthcare system.

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