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1. Community-Centered Policing:

   - Promote community-oriented policing for enhanced collaboration and trust between law enforcement and residents.

   - Advocate for transparency, accountability, and equitable policing practices.


2. Enhanced Mental Health Response:

   - Invest in continuous training and best practices for Greenville County Sheriff's Office deputies to ensure thorough understanding and application of mental health crisis interventions.

   - Establish a centralized database accessible to 911 operators to notify responding deputies of individuals with a history of mental illness, improving tailored response strategies.


3. Holistic Crime Prevention through Education:

   - Develop comprehensive educational programs that address the root causes of crime, encompassing issues such as poverty, inequality, and lack of access to opportunities.

   - Collaborate with Greenville County Schools, community centers, and local organizations and invest in mentorship programs that provide guidance, support, and positive alternatives for youth.


4. Opioid Addiction Intervention:

  - Recognize opioid addiction as a public health crisis rather than a police issue.

   - Allocate resources for community-based opioid prevention programs, emphasizing education on the risks associated with opioid use.

5. Youth Diversion Programs:

   - Implement diversion programs for youth involved in non-violent offenses.

   - Collaborate with local organizations to establish restorative justice initiatives for youth.

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