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housing equity

In Greenville County, County Council took a significant step in October 2022 by adopting an affordable housing incentives policy. In the budgets for 2023-24 and 2024-25, a combined $5 million has been allocated for this purpose. However, recognizing the pressing need, I believe we must do more.


Anyone using more than 30% of their monthly income just for housing (not counting utilities) means they are facing financial strain. This difficulty can make it hard for them to afford important things like food, education, child care, and transportation.


Despite the growth in Greenville County, we currently face a deficit of 10,000 affordable housing units. This situation is untenable, and it is imperative that we take concrete actions to ensure affordable and stable housing for every resident. As your next County Councilmember, I am committed to:


1. Fight to change our Inclusionary Zoning Policy to make sure more people can afford homes and advocate for permanent affordable housing.

2. Advocating for the development of mixed-income housing projects to ensure a variety of affordable housing options for residents with different income levels, fostering economic diversity.

3. Proposing incentives for local businesses to invest in affordable housing initiatives, creating partnerships that contribute to the development and maintenance of affordable housing solutions.


While housing is a top priority, addressing our affordability crisis requires a comprehensive approach. As your next County Councilman, I am committed to:


1. Zoning Reforms:

   - I will work on updating zoning policies to provide a wider range of housing options.

   - I'll address any loopholes preventing the development of affordable housing.


2. Public-Private Funding:

   - I'll collaborate with private investors and nonprofits to secure funding.

   - I'll create incentives to encourage private developers to invest in affordable housing.


3. Community Land Trusts:

   - I will support the establishment of community land trusts, allowing communities to collectively own and manage land.

   - I'll advocate for ensuring a portion of new developments are designated permanently as affordable housing.


4. Integrated Support Services:

   - I'll incorporate job training and childcare services into affordable housing plans.

   - I'll partner with local services to offer comprehensive support for residents' needs.

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