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a more connected district 25

If you have ever walked, biked, driven, or taken the bus in Greenville, you know that our county can be challenging to navigate. With a history of institutional racism spanning centuries, many neighborhoods in District 25 lack connectivity and investment. As the next County Councilmember, I will:


1. Improve Public Transit Accessibility:

   - Allocate increased funding and improved routes for public transit in Greenville, making it more accessible for everyone.


2. Address Connectivity Gaps:

   - Work to bridge the gaps in neighborhoods by investing in infrastructure that promotes connectivity, including sidewalks and bike lanes.


3. Promote Equitable Infrastructure Policies:

  -  Implement policies that address historical disparities, ensuring that infrastructure development benefits all communities, particularly those that have been historically marginalized.


4. Community Engagement in Infrastructure Planning:

  - Facilitate community input in the planning of infrastructure projects, ensuring that the needs and concerns of residents are considered for a more inclusive and effective development approach.

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