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building a stronger district 25

1. District 25 Neighborhood Drainage Projects:

   - Allocate funding specifically for neighborhood drainage projects in District 25, addressing crucial drainage issues to mitigate flooding and enhance community resilience.

   - Advocate for increased Community Development Block Program (CDBG) grants from HUD to support rural area development, focusing on local needs.


2. Flood Mitigation and Park Renovations:

   - Prioritize flood mitigation efforts to safeguard neighborhoods from potential hazards.

   - Allocate resources for park renovations, ensuring that local county parks in District 25 are modernized and accessible.


3. Economic Boost Through Mixed-Use Development:

   - Engage with developers to explore partnerships for mixed-use development in District 25, incorporating housing (including workforce and affordable housing), retail shops, restaurants, and green spaces.

   - Advocate for innovative projects that not only enhance the economy but also contribute to a vibrant and sustainable community.

  - Collaborate with state and federal legislators to secure additional funding and resources for essential infrastructure projects.


By focusing on these initiatives, I aim to enhance the infrastructure in District 25, addressing drainage concerns, mitigating floods, renovating parks, and securing increased funding for comprehensive rural development. Through strategic partnerships and collaboration with legislators, we can build a resilient and economically thriving community.

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