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clean air & water is a basic need

1. Environmental and Sustainable Practices:

   - Prioritize environmentally friendly practices in infrastructure projects within District 25, including green construction methods and renewable energy integration.

   - Create job opportunities in the renewable energy sector to support the transition to a more sustainable and resilient local economy.


2. Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development:

   - Create partnerships specific to District 25 with private entities to expedite infrastructure projects, leveraging both public and private resources for efficient implementation.

   - Ensure transparency and accountability in these partnerships to protect the interests of District 25 residents.


3. Internet Infrastructure Expansion:

   - Prioritize the expansion of broadband infrastructure in District 25 to ensure universal access to high-speed internet, bridging digital divides and unlocking opportunities for remote work and education.


4. Collaboration with Legislators for Funding:

    - Work closely with state and federal legislators to secure additional funding for infrastructure projects in District 25, advocating for investments that address the district's specific needs.

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